How to buy business Apparel & Promotional items

When purchasing business apparel and promotional items (t-shirts/dress shirts, ball hats, winter hats, jackets, vests, golf shirts, pens, letter openers, calendars, coffee mugs, umbrellas..) really look at quality, style, and price of the product. Not all created equal.

The objective of most businesses when looking at buying apparel and promotional items is to have everyone within the company wear OR use the branded item as much as possible for exposure. Exposure is what is needed the most for businesses and not found in a dark storeroom.

Take your time and choose what styles are popular today, look at what your team would wear on the job site, look at colours, decide on fabrics, useablity, print options, etc.. When you get close to deciding on what you like always ask for samples and give them a try. Ask a few other people, who have good taste, their opinion. A little extra effort and time in deciding what is best for your business will make a great final product. One that will be actually used.

If you need help deciding on your business apparel and/or promotional items, let us know. We would be happy to discuss the many options available and provide the graphic design services to meet your objectives.